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Welcome to Guardware Ltd.
How It Works
System Requirements
Award-winning content analysis engine
URLChecker uses Guardware Ltd’s award-winning Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence technologies to categorizes websites. When making its decision, URLChecker takes into account all the available information - performing text, label, link, tracker object and image analysis.
Website drill down for an accurate decision
URLChecker recursively follows the links within web-pages to other web-pages, downloading and analyzing their contents, until a decision threshold has been exceeded, all the links within the web-site have been followed or some user-defined limit has been reached.
Customizable decision making
The sets of indicative features used to analyze web-pages as well as the weights of individual measures within the content analysis engine are fully customizable. This means additional languages can be added and the importance of individual features within the web-pages adjusted as necessary for optimal performance.
WebGUI for easy management
The everyday reporting and maintenance functions of URLChecker are accessible via a web-based interface for ease of use, including client and user management.
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