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July 26, 2007

File Audit is a turnkey solution for identifying potentially pornographic images, video and music stored on Windows-based PCs and Laptops. It runs on a compact and portable USB (thumb) drive that allows IT or HR managers to audit computers for inappropriate usage and unauthorized file storage.

File Audit is designed to allow companies of any size to easily audit computers for potential misuse. Using Guardware's unique image and file detection engine to analyze and identify offensive content, File Audit can help enforce your organization's Web Acceptable Use Policies.

File Audit does not require technical skills to administer, operating is easy:
  plug into a computer USB port
  activate the detection software
  scan files (images, videos, html, web and music)
  review report of illicit images detected
  unplug - no software is loaded on to the scanned computer

It is self-contained solution - no software is loaded on the target computer. A full report of images and files detected can be seen immediately. Optionally, reports can be saved on the File Audit USB drive so that managers can review it at a later date from another computer. This makes the audit process invisible to employees, enables managers to monitor asset usage and effectively eliminates pornography from being stored or transmitted throughout the organization.

  Small, portable, self-contained USB (Thumb) Drive package
  Supports Microsoft-based PCs and Laptops: Windows 2000®, XP®, Vista®
  Leaves no software footprint on audited computers
  Saves html reports of images detected to the File Audit USB drive
Utilizes Guardware's innovative detection software to locate, identify and report inappropriate content stored in:
  Image files
  Html and Web pages
  also reports all Music Files found


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