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July 26, 2007

Audit any PC for adult content: images, html, video, and music files

File Audit is a USB-based software application that enables you to scan a target PC for inappropriate files. To use File Audit simply insert File Audit into the USB port of any PC or laptop, launch the application, select the type of files to scan and File Audit will produce an incident report within minutes.

Scan Files on any Drive
File Audit allows you to select the drive or folder in which to start your scan. You can also scan drives or folders on other PC's in your network.
Detect Adult Content
File Audit detects and reports adult content found in image, video and html files. All common file formats are scanned or you can chose to analyze every file regardless of file extension.
Music Files
File Audit detects and reports all music files found helping to identify unauthorized file storage.
Scan Reports

File Audit provides detailed records of each incidence of pornographic or music file detected, including Date Created and Date Last Accessed.

The incident report can be viewed immediately after the scan or can be saved in html format for review at a later time on another computer. Reports can be saved to the Guardware's File Audit USB drive or any drive of your choice using the Browse feature.



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