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"Worker Internet misuse 'a problem': two-thirds of companies have disciplined employees."
CBS Marketwatch


Easy access to computer pornography is a major problem that has arisen from technology and communication advances. We are facing new challenges in guarding and monitoring the content being viewed by browsing the Internet and from emails or other electronic files, because a portion of the information can be explicit and sometimes illegal adult material.

Computer pornography is a major problem that has had, up until now, no effective solution. Winner of multiple international awards for product excellence, ScreenShield™ Enterprise is the industry's most comprehensive pornography-deterrent software that responds to the diverse needs of major corporations, government agencies, and schools at every level of education.


Network-wide Protection

ScreenShield is a unique software solution that serves as a deterrent and watchdog, silently detecting, monitoring, logging, and if you choose, blocking questionable images from being displayed on your company's computers. Powered by a sophisticated content-based detection engine that analyzes screen images, ScreenShield provides preventive protection and constantly oversees personal computer usage. These comprehensive and flexible capabilities provide managers, department heads, human resource departments, business owners and schools with a dual benefit:

• a pornography monitoring and blocking facility

• a highly visible persistent deterrent

"50% of people found time to visit X-rated sites from work"
IDC Research


More Than a Web Filter

Unlike conventional Web filters that only attempt to eliminate access to known pornographic websites, ScreenShield protects your network from any image displayed on a computer, regardless of its source. Although the prime source of illicit materials, downloading pictures from the Internet is only one of many ways pornography can be freely distributed without detection. In fact, ScreenShield complements any existing Internet security programs you may already in place.

"Internet filtering software generally fails to block one out of every five sites deemed objectionable.''
Consumer Reports Magazine


Flexible, Powerful Protection

ScreenShield allows you to tailor protection levels to suit the needs of your organization. Accounting departments have different needs than science, marketing or art departments. In fact, the degree of sensitivity you wish to provide may even vary by time of day. These ScreenShield features provide flexibility and control for managers:

  Filters allow you to adjust the level of sensitivity to images
  Profiles allow you to establish usage standards and constraints for various groups of employees, departments and locations, and their needs and tolerances to potentially adult images
  The Scheduler allows you to enable / disable different profiles for a specified period of time
  ScreenShield's Modes of Operation allow you to determine the level of exposure to potentially explicit images, and how you want to be notified of any occurrences.


Simple Operations and Centralized Administration

ScreenShield is a networked application that is easy to install and operate. The ScreenShield Administrative Control Panel Application is installed on a single PC and is used to administer all the clients on a network. The Control Panel allows you to: create profiles, assign clients to profiles, view logs, schedule disk scans, manually lock/unlock clients, adjust sensitivity filters, select operating mode(s) and perform uninstalls. ScreenShield's Control Panel is password protected for added security, and supports full remote network management facilities for all major networks.

Install ScreenShield client detection software on all personal computers the company wishes to protect. After installation, no further user intervention or configuration is required to the individual client computers. The ScreenShield client application performs image detection, captures thumbnails of offending images and locks computers if configured to do so via the Control Panel.


The benefits that ScreenShield Enterprise offers to your organization are also compelling:

  ScreenShield Enterprise provides a fail-safe method of reducing the high cost of low user productivity caused by the viewing of pornography.
  ScreenShield Enterprise significantly reduces your organization's exposure to sexual harassment litigation.
  ScreenShield Enterprise offers a strong, highly visible deterrent to users who abuse the privilege of using the Internet as a productivity tool.
  ScreenShield Enterprise documents each violation of your organizations acceptable-use policy, representing a detailed record that management can use to enforce the policy.
  ScreenShield Enterprise provides your organization with a high profile, proactive measure for encouraging high standards of conduct.
Client Server Architecture

ScreenShield Enterprise is a client/server application comprising the following components:

The Client application
The Server application
The Remote Administration application
Client application
The ScreenShield™ Enterprise Client application does most of the work. The Client scans the computer screen every three seconds, determines whether there is pornographic content present, and if such content is found, locks the PC or warns the user, depending on how the Client is configured. For supported browsers, the system begins scanning as soon as the web page loads.

The Client software operates independently of the server and continues to scan even if the server disconnects from the network or the network crashes.

Server application
The ScreenShield™ Enterprise Server application connects to up to 250 clients. Networks with over 250 users require an additional server application for every 250 users.

The ScreenShield™ Enterprise Server software works with the Remote Administration application, and its attendant Remote Administration Console (refer to Remote Administration application), to manage the system. The Server does not scan images or participate actively in the image detection process, rather it handles messages that pass between the client PCs and the Remote Administration Console and stores reports that the client PCs generate for display on the Remote Administration Console.

The Server application works independently of the ScreenShield™ Enterprise Client software and does not need to be online for the Client application to operate. Even if the network crashes and the server is down, the Client software continues to scan for pornographic content.

Remote Administration application

The ScreenShield™ Enterprise Remote Administration application is a console that helps you manage your ScreenShield™ Enterprise network from any point on your network or from any system connected to the Internet. The Remote Administration program talks to the server and can reside on the PC of the IT manager, system administrator, or Human Resources professional. Or, you can install the program right on the server.

The ScreenShield™ Enterprise Remote Administration application is the graphical user interface of the Remote Administration application. The Remote Administration application gives you point-and-click options for doing the administrative tasks required to mange ScreenShield™ Enterprise.

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