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Once pornography is inside your network, it travels freely between users
ScreenShield™ Enterprise, a unique software solution designed to decrease the threat of viewing pornography on computers, uses a sophisticated content-based engine that analyzes screen images and protects people from potentially pornographic images.
Comprehensive detection
ScreenShield™ Enterprise monitors for the presence of pornography, irrespective of its source. This means that any source from which pornography is viewed, such as emails, CDs, DVDs, and downloaded image files, are monitored and can be detected.
Browser monitoring
ScreenShield™ Enterprise keeps an extra careful watch on content viewed via Internet browsers, since this is the most popular means by which pornography enters your PC. In addition to images, ScreenShield analyses the text, links and meta-data present in web-pages. This browser-based strategy sets ScreenShield apart from its competition.
Incident Reports
ScreenShield Enterprise keeps detailed records of the who, what, when, and where of each incidence of pornography detected on the network and retains these records for administrative review.
File scanning
ScreenShield Enterprise's scan drive feature provides a report of all pornographic images or videos that are present on your PC. All detected files can be deleted with a single mouse click, thereby ensuring that your PC is free of inappropriate material.
Customizable protection modes
The action taken on detection of pornography is customizable. As well as logging all incidences along with a ‘thumbnail’ snapshot of the screen for future review, ScreenShield Enterprise can be configured to either send a warning message, block the offending image or completely block the screen.
Central Administration
ScreenShield Enterprise is a server-based product that monitors every client PC connected to your organization's network. The administrator can configure and manage the the entire system from one central location.
Visible Deterrent
iShield Plus displays an icon in the System Tray of your personal computer. The icon acts as a visible and persistent reminder for anyone who may be tempted to view illicit materials.


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