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Fort Hall Casino Selects Guardware's ScreenShield™ Software to Protect PCs from Pornography

MEDIA, PA (October 30, 2006) - Guardware LLC today announced that Fort Hall Casino has selected the company's ScreenShield™ software for enterprise-wide protection against digital pornography. After a year-long review of available solutions, the casino chose ScreenShield for its ability to block illicit images at the point of display, shielding employees from accidental exposure to pornographic content.

The Fort Hall Casino has installed ScreenShield across 150 PCs in the company's network to protect employees from viewing potentially illicit images - inadvertently or on purpose. ScreenShield, winner of multiple international awards for software excellence, detects, monitors, logs and blocks offensive material regardless of the source. By pairing sophisticated image-detection with text analysis, the software pinpoints pornographic content on the Internet, in emails and in stored electronic files. ScreenShield then records user activity and/or prevents offensive content from being displayed on screens, depending on an administrator's settings. ScreenShield offers flexible capabilities and complements any existing Internet security programs that may already be in place.

"The Gaming Commission has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to pornography in the workplace, and we searched for a long time to find a software program that would help us achieve compliance," said Michael Christy, Information Technology Director, Fort Hall Casino. "We were excited to discover ScreenShield's powerful detection and prevention engine, which has met all of our criteria for protection against electronic pornography. ScreenShield only blocks material that is inappropriate, and does not wall off entire websites that may include useful information."

"Enterprise-level protection against pornography is a growing concern across a number of industries," said Joe Waldron, Managing Director, Guardware. "We offer assurances in the fight against pornography that no other software company can match, and we're pleased to help organizations like Fort Hall Casino in implementing technology that keeps employees more productive and reduces employer liability."

The ScreenShield enterprise solution is designed to protect networked environments and is installed in a variety of businesses and public institutions - from casinos to corporations, and libraries to law firms. The software features capabilities that streamline implementation and administration in networked environments and improve protection against illicit images, including those embedded in videos. This gives organizations with multiple computers a full-function and easy-to-administer solution for managing on-line security.

About Guardware
Guareware is a software solution provider committed to developing and marketing innovative personal computer applications that improve productivity and security. Guardware's products have received numerous awards as well as strong press reviews from technology publications like PC Magazine. The company offers a full suite of pornography protection systems: iShield™ blocks pornography in Web browsers, iShield Plus™ blocks pornography from all sources (Web browsers, email, CD, DVD, flash drives) and ScreenShield™ Enterprise provides network-wide administration and protection from pornography.

For more information, please visit www.guardwareinc.com or contact Nate Baslow at 800-747-1125.

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