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File Audit Facility™ Software Praised by Computer Forensic and IT Security Professionals

- Guardware's USB-based Software Detects and Reports Illicit Content Stored on Computers -

MEDIA, PA (October 24, 2007) - Guardware LLC today announced market traction for its recently released File Audit Facility™ (FAF). FAF identifies and generates a report listing potentially pornographic images, video and music stored on Windows®-based PCs and Laptops. Security and computer forensic experts are utilizing FAF to audit computers to help corporate and government agencies enforce sexual harassment and use of assets policies.

"Corporations need tools and processes to control misuse of computer assets to protect themselves and their employees against liabilities," stated Sherman K. Nowlin, president of Surveillance Technology Group Inc. (STG). "FAF is an easy-to-use and cost effective way to routinely audit computer systems to check for violations of policy and misuse and to retrieve information on how employees are using their time and computers."

FAF uses Guardware's award-winning image-detection engine to identify potentially inappropriate images or files stored on computers, and then provides a complete report of findings. It spots objectionable content in image files, video files and HTML Web pages stored on hard drives, removable drives and CDs. The application also lists all music files, so that managers can monitor possible illegal downloading and unauthorized storage usage.

FAF is delivered on a portable USB (thumb) drive which allows security teams to quickly and easily examine any PC or laptop. It leaves no software footprint on audited computers, so employees are not aware of the process and possible evidence is not damaged, destroyed, or otherwise compromised during the audit procedure.

"Corporations have legal and fiduciary responsibilities to enforce sexual harassment and acceptable usage policies," commented Nowlin. "A regular and effective audit program will help identify misuse, protect against potential legal claims, and boost employee morale."

"Security and computer forensic experts like STG are able to help their corporate and government clients enforce web acceptable use policies, monitor asset usage and virtually eliminate pornography from being stored or transmitted throughout the organization," commented Ian McKinley, President and CEO of Guardware.

About Surveillance Technology Group Inc.
Surveillance Technology Group Inc. (STG), an investigative, security and computer consulting corporation founded by Sherman Nowlin, a renowned professional investigator, expert witness, speaker and technical specialist. Nowlin has nearly thirty years experience, including 20 years as a decorated county detective in specialized law enforcement as well as the private sector. Specialized areas of concentration include: electronics, surveillance, economic crimes, litigation, computer forensics, kinesic interviewing and criminal investigations.

About Guardware
Guardware is a software solution provider committed to developing and marketing innovative personal computer applications that improve productivity and security. Guardware's products have received numerous awards as well as strong press reviews from technology publications like PC Magazine and Network World. The company offers a full suite of pornography protection systems: iShield™ blocks pornography in Web browsers, iShield Plus™ blocks pornography from all sources (Web browsers, email, CD, DVD, flash drives) and ScreenShield™ Enterprise provides network-wide administration and protection from pornography.

For more information, please visit www.guardwareinc.com or contact Nate Baslow at 800-747-1125.

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