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File Audit Facility™ Delivers USB-based PC Pornography Protection for Computers

- Guardware's New Software Detects and Reports Illicit Content -

MEDIA, PA (September 10, 2007) - Guardware LLC today announced File Audit Facility™ (FAF), a new turnkey solution for identifying potentially pornographic images, video and music stored on Windows®-based PCs and Laptops. The latest release in the company's full suite of pornography protection systems, FAF is delivered on a portable USB (thumb) drive and is designed to allow managers to audit computers for inappropriate usage and unauthorized file storage.

FAF uses Guardware's award-winning image-detection engine to identify potentially inappropriate images or files stored on computers, and then provides a complete report of findings. It spots objectionable content in image files, video files and HTML Web pages stored on hard drives, removable drives and CDs. The application also lists all music files, so that managers can monitor possible illegal downloading and unauthorized storage usage.

Network World recently reviewed FAF and awarded it 4 out of 5 Stars. "In our tests, the software could find and detect all of the objectionable content we purposely placed on our test machine," stated Keith Shaw, Cool Tools Guy. "It can be difficult and uncomfortable for an IT manager to monitor whether employees are storing inappropriate material on company equipment. While most companies have Internet-usage policies, enforcing the policies can get tricky."

Designed to allow companies of any size to easily audit computers for potential misuse, FAF does not require technical skills to administer. It is a portable and self-contained application - no software is loaded on the target computer during the audit process -making the audit process invisible to employees.

"FAF helps companies enforce web acceptable use policies, monitor asset usage and virtually eliminate pornography from being stored or transmitted throughout the organization," commented Ian McKinley, President and CEO of Guardware. "We are pleased to provide information technology, human resource or other managers a full-function easy-to-administer and rapid solution for auditing company-issued computer equipment and protecting against misuse and potential liabilities."

About Guardware
Guardware is a software solution provider committed to developing and marketing innovative personal computer applications that improve productivity and security. Guardware's products have received numerous awards as well as strong press reviews from technology publications like PC Magazine and Network World. The company offers a full suite of pornography protection systems: iShield™ blocks pornography in Web browsers, iShield Plus™ blocks pornography from all sources (Web browsers, email, CD, DVD, flash drives) and ScreenShield™ Enterprise provides network-wide administration and protection from pornography.

For more information, please visit www.guardwareinc.com or contact Nate Baslow at 800-747-1125.

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