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Guardware Launches Parent-Control Software, iShield™ Plus

- Safe and Effective Anti-Pornography Management for Total Family Protection -

Media, PA (September 3, 2007) - Guardware, the global leader in anti-pornography software, announced that iShield™ Plus, the parental control software designed to block pornography and other undesirable content, is shipping today. Designed for the home user who needs the comfort and security that children and other family members will not be exposed to pornography or other undesirable content, iShield™ Plus provides families safe, reliable protection against undesirable and offensive content-such as pornography or drug, hate or gambling sites-found across the Web or based in computer files. Offering the highest level of protection against computer based or Internet pornography, iShield™ Plus is a total solution for Web, chat, e-mail, news, keywords in search engines and file sharing.

iShield™ Plus is the home user's version of the company's award-winning, anti-pornography software.
The Guardware anti-pornography product line is used by governments, schools and families across XXX number of countries. Unlike traditional filtering solutions, iShield™ Plus uses Guardware's sophisticated image-recognition technology and text analysis to securely manage how parents regulate the content from Web browsers or computer based files. Its parental monitoring capabilities and easy-to-use interface give families heightened security features; better file and screen protection against videos, text and images; voluntary configuration profiles for all family members; and discriminating monitoring of IM and chat applications. iShield™ Plus' design is content-aware, works across the Internet and computer, and is easy to learn. It provides secure and safe content control that families and parents need, at a price they can afford.

A more enjoyable Web experience

The home user version of the award-winning ScreenShield™, iShield™ Plus is designed to block and filter inappropriate content such as pornography, gambling, drugs and hate sites displayed within Internet browsers, instant messages, e-mail attachments, videos and DVDs. Because it bases its decision on the content-not the Web site-parents don't have to keep up with a list of suspect Web sites or senders to ensure they monitor and block the display of offensive content on their home PCs.
"iShield™ Plus delivers to families the highest level of control and custom features for screening offensive content at home," said Ian McKinley, CEO of Guardware. "We love to see families successfully monitoring their home computers from content they don't want their children or other loved ones exposed to. We're excited to enhance our Guardware product line to include home computers by developing iShield™ Plus to be simple to use and optimized for family use, while delivering safer content and more secure protection."

Key Features in iShield™ Plus
• Monitoring of on-screen images for suspected pornographic content regardless of format
• Monitoring of videos being played, including DVDs, for suspected pornographic content
• Monitoring of Web pages for pornographic and other undesirable content
• Monitoring of supported Instant Messaging applications
• Blocking of Peer-to-Peer applications
• Scanning of local drives for inappropriate image and video files
• Fully configurable profiles for each family member
• Restriction of Internet access to certain times of the day

Availability and Pricing

iShield™ Plus is available immediately from Guardware distributors worldwide and online at www.guardwareinc.com. For US sales, contact Nate Baslow at 1-800-747-1125 or go online for more information. Pricing is $49.94 per year.

About Guardware

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