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"The award-winning pornography protection software from Guardware is now even more secure, more watchful, and totally customizable with the release of iShield Plus."

iShield™ Plus is an unique filter that offers the highest level of protection against computer based pornography and other undesirable content. This is achieved by capturing content at its point of display and analyzing the content using award winning image processing and text analysis engines.

In addition to its extensive anti-pornography features, iShield Plus also offers protection against other categories of undesirable content, such as gambling, drugs and hate sites. Further, iShield Plus is capable of monitoring and so deterring inappropriate use of Chat and Instant Messaging as well as blocking Peer-to-Peer applications.

iShield Plus is designed for ease of use and can be set up for individual members of the family with minimal fuss. iShield Plus gives you the flexibility to select the level of control that is best for you, and records all incidents.

Parental control software to:

Monitor on-screen images for suspected pornographic content regardless of format
Monitor DVDs for suspected offensive content
Monitor Web pages for pornographic and other undesirable content
Monitor and record Instant Messaging applications
Block Peer-to-Peer file sharing applications
Advanced filtering capabilities
Scan local drives for inappropriate image and video files
Fully configurable, personalized profiles for each family member
Restrict Internet access to certain times of the day


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