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iShield™ Plus is an award-winning anti-pornography software designed to detect and block inappropriate content regardless of its source
Comprehensive Detection
iShield Plus monitors for the presence of pornography, irrespective of its source. This means that all pornography being viewed on a PC, from any source such as the Internet, emails, CDs, DVDs, and downloaded image files, are monitored and can be detected.
Monitor, Block and Record Chat and Instant Messaging
iShield Plus provides options to block or monitor Chat and Instant Messaging applications. Transcripts of Instant Messaging conversation, along with incidences of inappropriate language can be view in the Reports Window.
Block Peer to Peer File Sharing Applications
Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing technology offers significant benefits but also poses risks to those who use it. Families face risks when using commercial P2P file-sharing software programs, including risks related to data security, spyware and adware, viruses, copyright infringement, and unwanted pornography.
Incident Reports
iShield Plus keeps detailed records of the who, what, when, and where of each incidence detected on the PC and retains these records for review.
Restrict Internet Access to Certain Times of the Day
iShield Plus can be set to only allow the user to access the Internet on those days of the week and time periods which you specify.
File scanning
iShield Plus’s scan drive feature provides a report of all pornographic images or videos that are present on your PC. All detected files can be deleted with a single mouse click, thereby ensuring that your PC is free of inappropriate material.
Customizable protection modes
The action taken on detection of undesirable content is customizable. As well as logging all incidences along with a ‘thumbnail’ snapshot of the screen for future review, iShield Plus can be configured to either send a warning message, block the offending image or completely block the screen.
Visible Deterrent
iShield Plus displays an icon in the System Tray of your personal computer. The icon acts as a visible and persistent reminder for anyone who may be tempted to view illicit materials.
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