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"Most children nowadays are more computer literate than their parents think and finding sexually explicit images simply requires a few minutes"
Censorship of Pornography on the Internet

iShield™ is a unique software solution designed to decrease the threat of viewing pornography while browsing the Internet. iShield uses a sophisticated detection engine that analyzes and blocks offensive images displayed in your web browser, protecting your family from Internet pornography.

iShield is an effective tools for parents to control what is being viewed in their homes. The pornographer detection and blocking features are perfect to protect children of all ages from the treacheries of the Internet. The monitoring and reporting features help deter our more mature kids from the temptation that lie beyond the next mouse click.

iShield is easy to setup, gives you the flexibility to select the level of control that is best for you, and records any pornographic web sites visited and:

Blocks pornographic images in your web browser
Select the level of control that is best for you
Determine what happens when an offensive image is detected
Record activity of any pornographic sites visited
Define known safe (white) and unsafe (black) web sites
The latest version of iShield is now released containing even more protection against the accidental or deliberate viewing of pornography:
Fully configurable, personalized profiles for each family member
Restrict Internet access to certain times of the day
Option to allow only White list websites
Vista support
And more...
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