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How it Works Control Panel Flexibility Activity Report Black / White List

The Control Panel is used to configure the way iShield™ will operate, view the activity report, and to access the Black/White Site list. The Control Panel is password protected to prevent unauthorized access to the iShield settings.

iShield™ Control Panel allows you to:
Change the Control Panel Password

View and change the
Black and White List.

Maintain your own directory of Black (banned) sites and White (permissible) sites.

Explicit images are blocked from view with the Blocker image below:

You can change this image to one of your choice.

Report: View the log/activity report detailing which pornographic web-pages were visited and when.
iShield allows you to associate specific settings to each Windows login user. For instance, younger children can be assigned stricter settings than adults.
Detection Engine
iShield will list all the Browsers detected on your PC. You can Enable or Disable each of the Browsers individually.
Adjust the detection level to suit your own browsing needs. The Safe sensitivity setting blocks less images, while the Safest setting blocks the most images.
iShield lists all browsers found on the PC. You can restrict access to all non-supported browsers to ensure tech savvy users can not bypass the security controls.
Surfing Time
iShield contains a 7 day calendar which allows you to define allowable times to surf the Internet.
Monitoring Settings

iShield can be configured to provide the control you need when a pornographic image is detected on your PC:

Passive Mode
Active Warn
Active Block
Active Block Redirect

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