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Download the free, 14-day full version of Guardware's iShield software today. Before downloading the free trial version, please read the following installation notes and system requirements.

  iShield Installation notes

1. Remember the folder where you download the iShield Installer file. Example c:\ISSetup.exe

2. Once saved to your hard drive, double-click the iShield Installer file ISSetup.exe.

2. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.

* If you have another iShield software version installed on your system, you may be prompted to uninstall this version.

Guardware iShield system requirements
  Pentium 133 MHz or higher   Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
  32 MB Ram   Netscape 7.1 or higher
  Windows 2000   Mozilla 1.4 or higher
  Windows XP   Firefox 0.8 to 3.x
  Windows Vista      
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