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Guardware Ltd.
Guardware is a software solution provider committed to developing and marketing innovative personal computer applications that improve productivity and security. Founded in 2000, Guardware is headquarters in the UK and has offices and distributors around the world.

Guardware's three products iShield™, iShield Plus™ and ScreenShield™ Enterprise are unique software applications that monitor, identify, block and deter the display of pornography on personal computers in homes, schools, businesses and other organizations.

iShield, iShield Plus and ScreenShield Enterprise are marketed worldwide by the company and it distributors.

  Latest News  
  File Audit Facility™ Software Praised by Computer Forensic and IT Security Professionals  
  File Audit Facility™ Delivers USB-based PC Pornography Protection for Computers  
  Guardware Launches Parent-Control Software, iShield™ Plus  
  Fort Hall Casino Selects Guardware's ScreenShield™ Software to Protect PCs from Pornography  
  Guardware Partners with Austin State School to Protect Residents from Pornography on the Web  

Guardware's award winning anti-pornography software - iShield™, iShield Plus™, ScreenShield™ Enterprise has won several international awards:

1. MSC-APICTA Best of R&D 2003 (Merit)
2. MSC-APICTA Best of Infrastructure Applications 2004 (Winner)
3. APICTA Best of Infrastructure Applications 2004 (Merit)
4. PIKOM-Computimes ICT Product of the Year 2004
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